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LISTEN: Housing Pressures In North East Causing Mental Health Problems


People across the North East are suffering from mental health issues due to housing pressures.

That is according to research by housing charity Shelter.

They have found that over 1 in 4 adults in the North of England have experienced issues like long-term stress, anxiety and depression – with suicidal thoughts being one of the worst.


The charity is urging anyone overwhelmed by housing problems to get advice from Shelter, after 1 in 14 (7%) people in the region said they had visited their GP due to housing problems.

Tracy Guy is the manager for Shelter North East:

She tells us who goes to them:

And what issues people have had in the past:

She tells us what they will do:

An in-depth investigation by the charity with 20 GPs, including professionals from Newcastle, revealed:

  • GPs say some of their patients diagnosed with anxiety and depression is directly due to housing problems.
  • Bad housing is tipping people with existing mental health issues ‘over the edge.’
  • Poor housing conditions are having the biggest effect on mental health but unaffordable and unstable rented housing are also having a negative impact.
  • GPs feel they need more help in supporting patients experiencing these problems

Showing how linked housing and mental health are, nationally the research shows that a vast majority (69%) of people who have experienced housing problems in the last five years such as poor conditions, struggling to pay the rent or being threatened with eviction, have reported a negative impact on their mental health.



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