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LISTEN: Spend Quality Time With Your Family

L-R: Carol Watts and Donna Spriggs-Elliot

Families across the North East are not spending enough time together.

The British Heart Foundation has revealed research about how people across the North East are spending little time with their loved ones.

The survey was taken to highlight how precious life is and that time should be taken out to spend some time with family.

It showed that a quarter of parents in the North East are not spending enough time with their children.


Donna Spriggs-Elliot, the Head of Community Fundraising at the charity tells us more:

And why people are not spending quality time anymore:

She says family time relieves stress:

56 year old Carol Watts realised the importance of family time after her husband suffered two heart attacks in 2012.

She values the importance of family time:

She has this message:

The new survey released to launch the British Heart Foundation’s “Wear it. Beat it.” fundraising campaign, shows the stresses of modern day living are putting a considerable strain on family life.

The average family in Britain last spent quality time together just under two months ago.

With one in ten Brits (10%) admitting the last time they spent time with their family was over a year ago.

To highlight the importance of spending time together as a family, The British Heart Foundation is encouraging families to get together on Friday 9 June for the charity’s annual wear red day.


  • 46% of people in the North East said they feel guilty that they do not spend enough time with their loved ones.
  • 25% of parents said they are so busy that in an average day they often do not spend any time whatsoever with their children.
  • 25% of parents blame social media for distracting kids when they are at home.




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